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Quality Heat-Treating Customers can count on

Quality Heat-Treating Customers can count onQuality Heat-Treating Customers can count on

Welcome to Thermet where strong values merge with quality



We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and our parts are used in products throughout the construction, marine, mining and agriculture .industries. Thermet's reputation for induction heat treating quality parts is supported by our investment in state of the art equipment. 
Our metallurgical lab includes:
Sample preparation
Metallograph for microstructure analysis and photo micrographs
Microprocessor based micro hardness tester
Magnetic particle inspection
Our fully equipped lab gives us the ability to analyze your parts in-house to keep your production jobs flowing through our shop.



Thermet has a wide array of low, medium and high frequency power supplies, which produce case depths as shallow as .020 and as deep as .600".
Coupled together with servo driven vertical scanners with Windows-based controls we can harden:
Shafts from 1" to 72" in overall length
Gears, pinions and sprockets up to 20" in diameter
Bearings, ball screws, splines, thrust faces, bolts, fork pads...
Our vast inventory of coils and fixtures is your assurance that we have the "right tool for the right job".

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